Eustis Estate

A Grand Fireplace


Large fireplace set into niche of a wood paneled room with brick red walls. There is a door to the left of the fireplace.

The grand fireplace in the hall is made of both terra cotta and wood. The surround is made of molded terra cotta and reads “In Sun and Rain God’s Blessing Comes.” The floor tiles are also terra cotta. Both were manufactured by the Lewis & Lane firm in South Boston.


The back and front view of a square terracotta tile with Lewis & Lane So. Boston on the back and a design of wavy lines on the front.


This 1884 advertisement for H.A. Lewis Terra Cotta Works is likely the same Lewis who made these tiles. The advertisement was found in an 1884 J. & J.G. Low Art Tile catalog, which showcases several ceramic art tiles that are featured in this house. The arch is textured with impasto paint and delicately covered in a gold-colored metal leaf. Small metal plugs are visible on either side of the arch, indicating that there were once gas sconces in this location. When lit, they would have made the entire composition even more striking.


Black and white line drawing with decorative border and a kiln in the center with fire and smoke coming out of the chimney. There is a scrolling banner with the words H.A. Lewis Boston Architectural Terra Cotta Works. Text along bottom: 384-390 1st South Boston. Originally established by the present proprietor in 1879. Estimates on application.