Eustis Estate

Alan Weinstein

“It’s been estimated that 18 billion pounds of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans. That could equal five grocery bags of plastic waste for every foot of coastline on the planet. As much as 1 million animals die as a result of this, not to mention various health ailments incurred by humans. Regardless of the statistics, the problem is real, it is disgusting, and it is another salient example, along with climate change, that we are not paying heed to scientists and we are not treating our planet with the respect it deserves.  

So, I regret that the theme of “changing landscapes” at the Eustis Estate conjures up this negative image for me and leads me to display Piscinus plasticusAside from the plastic rings that have entangled the piece, you may notice the exaggerated gills which may evolve in time to more efficiently absorb the decreased oxygen levels in the water. What will it take to compel all of us to take our environmental challenges more seriously while there is still time, or has our environment changed irreparably already?” – Alan Weinstein