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Alice Augusta Rogerson Brown

Alice Augusta Rogerson Brown was also living in Milton in the late 1890s and trying her hand at photography. She was married to John Freeman Brown, a judge in the Superior Court of Dedham, Massachusetts. Shortly after their marriage, Alice and John moved briefly to Boston and then to on to Milton, where they lived in the John Crehore House, built in 1724 on Brush Hill Road. They had two children: a daughter, Alice Train Brown, and a son, John Freeman Brown, Jr, who was born on May 27, 1893. During the time she lived in Milton, Alice maintained her interest in music, playing in recitals and duets with her friend, Mrs. Chickering, of the noted piano making family, as well as developing her artistic interests in photography. With her camera, Brown created hundreds of charming portraits of her family and friends, views of her home and garden and her Milton neighborhood, and images of Boston. In addition, she documented rural scenes in and around East Douglas, Massachusetts, where she spent her youth, and recorded her travels in Maine and New Hampshire. The gallery below contains some of her photographs from Milton.