Eustis Estate

Barbara Fletcher

“I am a storyteller and an observer of nature and the nature of the human condition. Color, humor and animation are important aspects of my work.  Growing up on a farm as a child I played and fantasized in the large barns in the back of my house. Working with my hands I assembled special environments for myself and these became my living sculptures.

As an adult I became a sculptor of paper and mixed media, creating environments on a larger scale. In recent years I have been very interested in environmental issues and much of my art reflects these themes sometimes in a fantastical way.

The title of this piece Look Deep into Nature is taken from a quote by Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

I believe that the power of human encounter with nature can be a religious experience. I believe nature is divine. Sadly it seems as if nothing is sacred today and trees and nature are threatened by climate change.”