Eustis Estate

Cassie Doyon

“Roughly ten years ago, I was kayaking with my husband and children on Wellfleet harbor. We landed on Great Island where my son discovered some whale bones. We collected the bones and my son brought them for show and tell at school the following week. The bones then sat in his closet for the next ten years. I was inspired to honor those bones and create something with them. The sea resonates deeply within me, as I was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts and most in my family were involved in the fishing industry. As a child of the 1970s, the need to reuse and recycle was a value instilled in me which is reflected in my artwork to this day. Natural and recycled materials such as sea glass and driftwood has become a recurring theme in my work. Rebirth celebrates and honors the life of a sea creature; part of that animal has gained immortality through transformation, reincarnation and reconstruction into a work of art.” – Cassie Doyon