Eustis Estate

Comparison to Webber

It cannot be overstated how popular marine paintings were in nineteenth-century New England. On display in the dining room on the ground floor of Eustis Estate is another example of this phenomenon, Wesley Webber’s Along the Maine Coast. It was made approximately one decade later than George Curtis’s scene and therefore is considerably more Impressionistic in handling, coloring, and mood.

Left: George Curtis (1826–1881), Off Nix’s Mate, Boston Harbor, c. 1876, oil on canvas, 20 ½” x 28 3/8 in., Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation, 2006.44.599.
Right: Elbridge Wesley Webber, (1839–1914), Along the Maine Coast, 1860-1890, oil on canvas, 24 3/4 x 30 ¾ in., Museum Purchase, 2016.55.1.

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