Eustis Estate

Contractors at Eustis

It is not always clear how contractors were chosen, but it appears that the Eustises were actively involved in their selection. As they considered interior woodwork and built-in elements, the Eustises appear to have solicited proposals from Boston companies including Doe & Hunnewell and C.W. Roeth & Co.

Both were large firms that specialized in furniture and woodwork, and it seems likely that the Eustises used features created by both companies in the interiors of their house. Though 1879 newspaper articles mention that the mantels were produced by Doe & Hunnewell, certain fireplaces correspond with drawings submitted by C.W. Roeth & Co.

C.W. Roeth & Co. concept design drawing for mantle (left) and fireplace in second floor guest bedroom (right).

The Eustis family moved into Stonehouse near the end of 1879, but within a few years decided to make additional interior changes. A second-floor mantel bears the date of 1883, and in 1886 W.E.C. Eustis wrote to his mother about interior repainting. It was likely around this time that the original stone fireplace in the hall was removed and replaced with a terra-cotta surround manufactured by Lewis & Lane of South Boston, and Emerson may have been involved in some of these 1880s changes.

Mark found in the attic indicating paint work done in the 1880s by the Boston firm Haberstroh & Son.