Eustis Estate

Frank Howard’s Tattoo Directions

Directions To mix stick of Black Ink, which is always used for the outlines and shading in all designs. Put about 8 or 10 drops of pure cold water in a small dish, (the bottom of a cup or saucer turned upside down will do). Then rub one end of Black Stick around and around in the water in the dish until the water is very thick almost sticky, then it is ready to use. To pix all other colors and to get the best results, you should use (Pure Medicinal Alcohol). Pour in Color Jars and stir around until well mixed, have them medium thin just so colors will hold to the needles when you dip them in and lift out. To use Stencils, touch dry finger in dry Stencil Powder and rub lightly over the rough surface of pencil until all marks are filled up. Now wet skin where design ins to go and shave off all hairs, (shave down). Now lay stencil on skin and press a little, lift up and you will find outline of design. To Tattoo. Hold skin tight with left hand, pick up outlining needles with right hand, dip points in black ink and press lightly into skin, commencing at lower right hand corner and work up and across, following the lines, until all finished, then wash off and dry, look over the work and fix up all places skipped. Now put in all shading that is needed. Now put in the next darkest color that the design calls for, [and] so on until the design is all finished. Then wash off and dry and rub on a little Vaseline, and leave to heal up. Any more information you require at any time, write us and we will help you all we can. P.S. The largest [design] in this outfit, the Eagle and Shield is a sample of the designs in our $3.00 book of 24 designs, stencils to match $3.00 extra. P.S. Please write us as soon as you receive goods. Smith & Howard 153 Court St., Boston, Mass.

Smith & Howard Tattooing Directions
Boston, c. 1910
Collection of Derin Bray