Eustis Estate

Gates of Transcendence

With its monochrome face, Gates of Transcendence seeks to get at the sense that we are all one and part of the same human experience and can learn to interact in non-prejudicial ways. The base for the black half of the face is painted white, and the base for the white face is painted black. This represents that we are not in a black/white struggle but are engaged in an effort to unite.

When you face this monumental portrait, you tend to think about life as a whole and its big challenges. From behind the sculpture, you can look through the eyes, as if looking through someone else’s eyes, to see a different perspective. Walking through the Gates of Transcendence is like taking a symbolic journey, breaking free from the habitual facades we all sometimes adopt, and into a clear, new view of life.


Michael has been sculpting for over twenty years and is known for his fine art bronzes and monumental works that are figurative, philosophical, and evocative. His work can be seen in galleries, parks, museums, and private collections worldwide. Among Michael’s commissioned works are portraits of world leaders and public art at prominent locales.
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