Eustis Estate

Madeleine Lord

“My welded art starts at the metal yard where I find the pieces that eventually become heads, arms, legs, flowers, angels, animals, and folks. I start with carefully selected scrap metal. My process is not unlike assembling a 3-D crazy quilt, where each scrap is interesting in its own right, but is redefined by inclusion to become something else entirely.  My hope is to create a multi-dimensional drawing where the pockets of air are as interesting as the pieces of metal that create them. The whole drawing is an assemblage of many smaller ones.

DONKEY started like this–a set of colored metal pieces laid out on the driveway. The white piece that looked like a Donkey’s head to me started it. It took three years to find all the parts on the piece you are looking at in the Eustis show.

The piece called Swan Lake started with a fan cover that looked like a ballerina tutu and a chrome handle from an old refrigerator that looked like a swan’s beak. I worked on it for several years, displaying it at the Pingree School Flying Horse Sculpture show 2017 and in the 2018 Newton Highlands Studios Without Walls Beyond Boundaries show. Each year it grew and changed, as I found more parts that would fit.

If you look closely you can see the changes to the base, legs, arms, and costume.”