Eustis Estate

Stacy Latt Savage

“My starting point for this sculpture was feeling; a sense that our culture feels askew, disjointed and at times out of control. It is difficult for us to assess today what is real, what to trust, and I believe there is an ever present undertone of “what’s next?”. When creating this sculpture, I began with regular shapes, rings,that could have made a visually organized sphere but instead sent them off-kilter spiraling with no sense of order except to generate visual perpetual motion, a chaotic ripple effect. At the core of the sculpture is a sacrum. The sacrum is the bone at the end of our spine, our tailbone, and is derived from a Latin word meaning sacred. In this sculpture, the sacrum is us, humans, and our potential. A tail emerges from the sacrum in this sculpture that is prickly and barbed and has set the chaos in motion.  I believe humans have the power to do ultimate good for ourselvesfor our planet and for all living things. Yet our global cultural course does not appear to be moving uniformly in this direction. In my studio, I observe, build, cut away, add, break down, build up, edit, layer and invent – all the while wrestling to compose what it looks like to feel human.  I choreograph shapes and forms moving through space to create dynamic visual experiences that reflect what I perceive as cultural anxiety.  Physical systems, patterns and shapes from nature, properties of cause and effect and the human condition are all fuel for my work. I search for idiosyncratic combinations, my own gestural language and personal metaphor to create sculpture that embodies the underlying turbulence that I feel signifies our times.”