Eustis Estate

The Hemenway/Eustis Connection

Harriet Hemenway

Harriet Lawrence was born in 1858 in Brookline, Massachusetts. In 1881, she married August Hemenway, the son of a prominent Boston family.

Augustus Hemenway was heir to a shipping fortune and his family’s country estate, Old Farm, was in Milton, Massachusetts. He was devoted to outdoor life and his best known work was as an original member of the Metropolitan Park Commission in Boston, which laid the foundation for the current system.

Augustus Hemenway’s sister Edith married her Milton neighbor, W.E.C. Eustis, in 1876 and built the Eustis Estate in 1878. The two couples lived near each other and would have moved in the same circles.

Portrait of Augustus Hemenway (1919) by Frank Weston Benson