Eustis Estate

The Missing Year

As the year 2020 ended with the devastation of COVID-19, we were all left picking up the pieces of our lives. It affected everyone differently, depending on various personal factors. The Missing Year is an abstract interpretation of COVID-19. From multiple viewpoints of this sculpture, you can see each of the letters of COVID. Representing the number 19, you will see 18 bars on the base. One of the bars has a missing section due to a mutation, making the total bars 19.


Chris Plaisted was born in a tiny New Hampshire town surrounded by a creative family. Chris is a painter and a sculptor. His father, an accomplished pastiche artist, and his grandmother, an award-winning tinsel folk artist, strongly influenced him. Mary Ellen, his aunt, has her oil paintings in galleries across the Carolinas. His neighbor was a welder and woodcarver, which he seized the opportunity to learn. Chris received his education at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, which launched his 20-year career as a graphic designer. Drawn to travel, architecture, cities, and water, he works primarily as a sculptor with a studio and workshop near the lake with trains, planes, boats, and New York City close by.

His sculptures evoke emotions drawn from his experiences traveling and observing the world. These sculptures are mainly welded steel construction. He also uses copper, wood, concrete, and other metals. The work is primarily abstract but often includes figurative elements. His work has appeared in dozens of large-scale outdoor shows across the country and also in galleries.

Christopher resides in New Milford, Conn., with his wife, two children, and Leonidas, the dragon.

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