Eustis Estate

Red Roof Guest Book, Volume II (Page 2)

Gloucester, Massachusetts; 1913—30 Paper; photographic prints; Gift of Corinna T. Fisk and Piatt A. Gray, 2012. 148.2 

The guest books from Piatt Andrew’s home, Red Roof, contain more than 700 of his photographs; an avid amateur photographer, he is seen here perusing Alfred Stieglitz’s avant-garde photography journal, Camera Work. Dating from 1901 to 1930, Andrew’s guest books provide an extraordinary record of his and Sleeper’s Eastern Point world. Appearing on these opened pages, dated March 8-9 and March 21-13, 1913, are Isabella Stewart Gardner, Caroline Sinkler, Henry Davis Sleeper, and Piatt Andrew. Drawn more to the photographer than the house, one guest from 1912 wrote: “Here’s to you, adorable little house. But you have nothing on your master!”