Eustis Estate

Bed Chamber


Room with wood fireplace mantle, wood bed, table, chairs, and dresser, patterned carpet and curtains, and blue walls with a painting hanging above mirror.


This suite of three rooms (chamber, bath room, and dressing room) was used by W.E.C. and Edith Eustis. The bath room contains a tinned-copper tub, marble sink, and double set of storage drawers.


Bath Room


The dressing room contains an additional sink and provides light into the bathroom through an interior window.


Dressing Room

The bed chamber is dominated by a decorative mantelpiece with paneled corner wardrobes. The carvings on this elaborate fireplace surround are among the finest in the house. It features a pair of decorative tiles by William De Morgan, a high-end producer of art tiles and ceramics during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Three unused, identical tiles of this design were found in the basement, allowing us to identify them based on the maker’s stamp on the back. This particular mark dates the tile to 1872-1881 during the Chelsea period of De Morgan’s firm.

The Fireplace

A closer look

Fireplace Deep Zoom – Bedroom

The mantle on this fireplace features hand carved nature motifs in the center panel, a small storage cabinet, and two flanking closets. The tiles are by William De Morgan.

Bed Chamber Furnishings

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