Eustis Estate

Snowman for Warming Latitudes

David Karoff

The private and public horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic created a lens through which nearly all other experiences of the past year have been cast. And, for a time, it obscured some of the most pressing issues of our era. But it didn’t make them go away.

Ironically, for one of these, climate change, many of its critical indicators had a momentary hiatus, or at least slowed, during the pandemic. Less commuting, reduced air travel, factory shutdowns—all contributed to fewer emissions. But as lives and economies begin to reopen, so does the inexorable slow burn of the planet.

Made from predominantly recycled and found materials, Snowman for Warming Latitudes stands silently, but reproachfully, waiting to see if the many calls for action that have been issued over the years will be more than just calls.