Eustis Estate

TriOlogy—The Harmony of Spheres

Karin Stanley

A sphere by its very definition is a solid round figure where everything is equidistant from its center. Exploring the sphere in its three-dimensional state, it has no edges, no faces. In probing further, TriOlogy is created by a Tria sphere, Spiral sphere, and Square sphere—unified by the nature that spheres are global.


My work connects ancient Megalithic and Acheo Celtic elements—water, earth, fire, air—with the Genii locorum. I carve, assemble, and create in different materials, mostly with Celtic inspired hieroglyphics to stich and recalibrate the inner veil of time and place evoking a modern interpretation from an ancient era. Monoliths, spheres, and organic shapes are the core of my work in different materials. As a garden designer, artist, and poet, I think, create, and write deeply about these things. My work embraces the patterns and constant conversation between nature and art in space and place. Inspired by my years of creating stone ‘Celtic Stelae’ – I have gone inside the stone, and looking from the inside out, projecting with light, shadow and luminosity. I feel Sculpture should be enjoyed day and night, inside and out. I consider all sorts of light from moon light to noonlight. My new Series Alluminata and Luminosa can be seen on my website. After almost thirty years, I am still exploring the sphere. My work is in private collections internationally and can be seen in Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Wellesley College, The Carrol School, and The Irish Cultural Centre.

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