Eustis Estate

Philip Marshall: Care

I wanted to explore further the shape produced by joining two steel strips along a curved edge that I used in “Next Stop Shibuya”. This simple act of joining two simple shaped sheets can produce a three-dimensional object that reminds me of my times in Japan.  I also wanted to challenge myself to create a horizontal piece, and to explore contrasting planes with tubes. The resulting arched shape of the sheets suggested to me a recumbent person, the tubing a caring other; I was reminded of the emotions provoked by “Pieta”.  I have had difficulty settling on a title for this abstract piece that would not prejudice the viewer as the contrasting shapes may suggest conflict or tension to some, whereas the composition may suggest the opposite to others. Originally I painted the piece all black; I have repainted the arched element to create more presence and to emphasize that there are two elements that hint at two figures: one draped over the other.